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About Us

What We Do?

Tenant Verify aims to standardize the verification process and make it accessible to every individual. We focus on simplifying the process of background checks and analysis of Tenants, Paying guests, Domestic Help, Housekeeping, Gardeners, Security Guards, Cooks, Drivers. We give you all the information you need to make a better decision while choosing employees of IT and non IT sectors.

We are passionate about solving complex problems and create a sense of security in our customers. Our solutions are unique to the Indian scenario.We have brought together some of the best brains in the business covering the diverse areas of  data engineering.

We bridge the gap and provide guaranteed service to our customers. Our main focus is to save time and hassle proof the entire verification process.We vouch for building long term relationships and creating value.

We are a team of go-getters who protect what is important to you. We have been effectively using the technology and resources to get you accurate information while delivering the best customer experience. We believe in end to end open communication and transparency.

We strongly believe that it's not only about the information but the security that is attached to it. We believe in upholding your trust. We have been providing the most flexible and most delightful background check experience. We initiate, track and manage the data while taking out the guesswork.

We design and cater our services that fits your needs. You can check across many locations, departments and roles. You can be a happy customer too as we promise leaps and bounds better than the experience. We ensure that everything is in compliance with the laws and deliver immediate results.

Who Are We?

Our name ‘Tenantverify.in’ was coined by Mr. Anuj Jain, CEO of the company. Our tagline ‘Verify Today Secure Tomorrow’ captures the essence of what we offer – providing background verification and aiming to create a sense of security for every consumer’s life we touch.

Our Strategic Advisory Board includes distinguished personalities from academia research, defense, investigative areas, web and mobile businesses. The Strategic Advisory Board guides our board with the right direction and roadmap.

We lead by example and are highly credible to one another. We have created a benchmark for our services, and we are committed to meet our goals. We are highly collaborative  and empathetic towards each other.

Our Objectives


Our strategy is to make background verification services accessible and easy for all by using the latest technology.


Our mission is to create a safe and livable society by spreading awareness regarding the importance of background verification of every individual, society & company.


Our vision is to provide the maximum and the right information in the interest of our clients & society.


Core Team

Garima Jain

Director & Co-Founder

Dr. Keerthi N.V

Director & Co-Founder

Anuj Jain

CEO & Founder

Amaey Balsavar

COO & Co-Founder

Our Advisory Board

P.S. Vastrad, IAS

34+ years Civil Servant Veteran

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