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Renting out a property can be a traumatic experience especially when you do not know the tenant personally. Renting to strangers comes with a list of problems that can not only empty your savings but can also because of a headache. As a homeowner, renting through brokers or middlemen offers no guarantee against damage to your home or any illegal activities on your property.

It also doesn’t guarantee that your tenants will pay the rent on time. That’s why the tenant verification process is a crucial step which needs to be done by you or a trusted agency. Read on to understand more on what tenant verification is and how it is performed.

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Police Verification

Police Verification entails checking a person’s criminal history to assess his or her trustworthiness through police database.
Credit history will only tell you so much about a tenant, so it is important to be thorough about criminal background checks, too. What you don’t check today could return to haunt you. Be sure your tenant screening software or tenant verification service will check:
▪ Most Wanted databases
▪ Multi- state criminal background checks for felonies and misdemeanours
▪ National Sex Offender public registry

Identity Check

Our document check ensures that your users’ identity documents haven’t been forged, digitally tampered with, lost or stolen. We check Pan Card, Voter Id, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving license to authenticate and validate your identity documentation.

Why ?
– Know whether candidate is using another person identity and related documents

Address Check

Residential Address Verification is done through a physical site visit or database check. Our field staff visits the current / permanent / previous or all the addresses of the candidates as requested by employer. During the visit house, street, GPS Coordinates and signature of the verifier is captured and shared with employer. This is available for select locations only.

Why ?
This check allows employers to be sure of the correct address of the candidate and gather additional contact details about candidate in case of need.

Past Employment Check

Factual and performance related data of previous employments is critical for any employer before hiring a resource. Information contained in resume/at the time of interview is used to hire a candidate. Once an offer is placed, and a background screening request is placed a candidate has to submit a verification form along with necessary documentation. These information are then validated by the previous employer. Verifications are mostly obtained either from Human Resource Department or immediate supervisor.

Why ?
Employment verifications is the most widely asked check by employers for experienced candidates. Some common discrepancy areas are:
– Tenure of employment
– Actual cost to company
– Designation held
– Any Dues Pending / Issues with previous employment

Reference Check

A reference check gives you more visibility on the candidate’s profile. Our well researched questions are designed to elicit honest response. A Telephonic / Email verification is obtained about the candidate’s personal integrity, educational and professional backgrounds from professional references provided by the candidate. For fresher’s, verification is taken from respective education institutes or other citizens of repute.

This check allows employers to be sure of any issues related to candidate’s performance and behaviour.

Credit Check

A credit check is a credit score which is provided by a govt. recognized credit bureau used by employers to ascertain the financial stability of the candidate. Credit History screening reports are recommended for employees who may impact company finances. This necessarily includes all employees in accounting functions, but may also include other employees such as those that are provided with a corporate credit or purchasing card. The candidates details will be available subject to creation of credit history wherein a score will be provided. In case the candidate’s name not available in the database, the charges shall be applicable.

Why ?
This check not only gives a credit score but also provides/verifies a lot of details like identity and address details. This checks helps to confirm payment history, liabilities, bankruptcy on the candidate.

Education Check

We offer to authenticate the candidate’s educational qualifications from the respective colleges/institutes/universities. We help employers to hire genuine candidates, who will serve as best resources for the company.

Criminal Check

This check involve searching for any record of criminal charges against the candidate in the courts of jurisdiction including the Supreme court, High court, District court, tribunals and others. We do a thorough search of the e-court records to provide the most accurate results. Supporting information regarding the case, if any, is also share with the client.

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Tenantverify.in is an automated background screening system and individual risk evaluation platform that helps find facts and uncover lies. It is an individual screening system certifying background history, individual characteristics, creditworthiness and other traits of an individual. We endeavour to provide up-to-date information and world class analytics to our customers to help them make commercial decisions.

Background screening is a combination of several background checks and feedback, which
weaves a network of information around an individual. The information is finally presented in
form of a structured report, allowing you to make an informed decision;

Screening mitigates future risk
– Reduces occurrence of untoward incidents and crime
– Prevents fraudulent representation of documents
– Assists you hire the right person for a job
– Brings transparency amongst both parties
– Builds great and lasting relations
– Builds a secure environment around your working place or residence
– Helps in finding the individual in case of untoward incidents and crime

No, Tenantverify works on the principle of consent and to process any request an Individual/Self Consent Form is required.



Jagadish Babu

    Tenant Verify has really helped me in getting the legal process followed from start to end and their expert team has given me tenant's address, background, and other checks report to have trust on the tenant staying in our flat.

    Jagadish Babu

    Dinesh Gupta

      As a Tenant, it becomes difficult to get rented flat in a good society where the Owner doesn't easily trust. This platform helped me in showing up my past records and background verified status thus helping to build the trust.

      Dinesh Gupta

      Surendra Naidu

        As a property owner, I use to be always concern about the background of Tenant who would be staying. After knowing and getting Tenant verified now I can fully relax.

        Surendra Naidu


          As a property owner, I use to be always concerned about the background of Tenant who would be staying. After knowing and getting Tenant verified now I can fully relax.


          Abhay Chowdhary

            In this today's time when we don't find time to follow the process to get Tenant Verified in the area police station we miss our duty and later get regret of it. Tenant Verify has helped me to get this sorted within budgets and with full transparency.

            Abhay Chowdhary